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Joanne’s Website of the Week – Elisabeth Dale’s “The Breast Life”

And you thought this blog had an odd name…..

Elisabeth is the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. Add to that the experience of giving birth to and nursing three children, and it’s easy to see where her interest in….well, you know, boobs came from. Almost exactly six years ago, Elisabeth published her book “bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls” and since then, has become a much in demand speaker and authority on the subject. Additionally, if you’re looking for an alternative take on the whole “pink ribbon” campaign, you’ll find it right here, and Elisabeth certainly doesn’t pull any punches on this issue. I positively encourage my reader to sign up for her newsletter and podcast.

However, “The Breast Life” isn’t just about boobs. Elisabeth is something of an aficionada of fine lingerie, and she both visits and reports on numerous trade shows. There’s also an online store where a selection of products ranging from books (including hers!) and DVDs right through to bras and shapewear are available. Keep a special lookout for products with the “Breast Life Seal of Approval”!

Oh, and one other thing….Elisabeth absolutely hates pantyhose, and much prefers stockings! That alone qualifies her site for my first ever “Website of the Week”. Visit Elisabeth Dale’s The Breast Life!

Update, October 6 2013 – I am deeply saddened to report that Elisabeth’s mother Edith passed peacefully yesterday. Please Keep Elisabeth and her family in your thoughts and prayers, if you do such things, at this difficult time.

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2 thoughts on “Joanne’s Website of the Week – Elisabeth Dale’s “The Breast Life”

  1. Thanks, Joanne, for the lovely review of my site. Much appreciate your kind words and support of my bOObs. All the breast!

  2. Reblogged this on thebreastlife and commented:
    Thrilled with this lovely review of my website! Thank you, Joanne!

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