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Joanne’s Retailer of the Week – Optique by Cynthia & Christine

I know a little bit about glasses. I got my first pair in mid-1961. That’s 52 years ago. Like I said, I know a little bit about glasses. I want the best service I can get.

When the time came to get a nice feminine pair of glasses, I wanted to find a store which could meet my particular needs. Optique by Cynthia and Christine jumped out at me, being in West Hollywood and having lots of great reviews. I contacted them and explained what I was looking for, and was told to stop by any time. So, I headed over there one Friday. Little was I to know just what an adventure it would be!

Cynthia and Christine are sisters – they’ve worked at the store for a good number of years, and now own it! I met Christine on my first visit. Very warm, friendly person who wasn’t just there to sell me a pair of glasses, but wanted to find out about me as a person in order to help in selecting what was best for me. I spent almost two hours there! When I went back to pick the glasses up, I got Cynthia. Same story. Cynthia was very interested in finding out just how someone like me lives day to day. Again, two very enjoyable hours.

If it’s cheap you’re looking for – keep walking. If you want a small, family owned and family run business where they genuinely care about you and your specific needs, and believe in good old-fashioned customer service – stop right here for all your optical needs.

Optique by Cynthia & Christine can be found at 8947 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069, and they open at around 11 AM (12 on Sundays). Metered on-street parking has been readily available when I’ve visited – WeHo’s meters do take cards, but bear in mind that there’s a two hour limit in the area. Give the girls a call on 310-271-1313!

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