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Joanne’s Retailer of the Week –

It’s nice to report a success story, and this is most certainly one!

Back in 1999, farmer’s wife Sally Robinson founded the company in rural North Yorkshire, England after one of the farm staff was bemoaning how difficult it was for her to find the right bra for her wedding day. Sally fully understood the problem – as a fuller-figured lady herself, there were options available, but mostly very plain, frumpy ones. There was no questioning Sally’s business acumen, as she had already diversified the farm business with six holiday cottages. So out of this, and some help from her bank, was born.

Today, the business has grown into one which stocks a wide range of sizes (bras go from 28AA to 58N!) in all sorts of undergarments (even the fellows are catered for!), plus a full range of swimwear, nightwear ad a nice little selection for those special occasions. One very nice touch is that the vast majority of bras on the site have matching briefs available to, as Sally puts it, “complete the look”. And, they ship worldwide!

Congratulations to Sally and her team on becoming my second “Retailer of the Week”! Why not click on the logo below and see for yourself what’s on offer!




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