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Joanne’s Website of the Week – Ivy Leaf’s “Tribute to the Corsetiere”

Running a bit behind posting-wise this week, so without further ado, a review of this week’s winner.

For some reason not immediately apparent to most people, many of us have an affinity for what I call “traditional” shapewear – you know, girdles, corselettes, the sort of thing your mother may have worn and your grandmother probably did, as opposed to the modern garments called “Spanx” and the like. For some of us, that affinity extends beyond just wearing them and goes into the whole history of such garments. There have been a few websites dealing with this over the years such as “Zona” and, of course, dear, sweet Lyn Locke’s “Girdles and More”. Today, the go-to place for the history of foundation garments is Ivy Leaf’s “Tribute to the Corsetiere”.

Ivy (I’ll explain where the name comes from in a bit) is a charming Dutch lady who lives with her husband in rural England. They also happen to own one of the largest vintage shapewear collections in the world! The site is regularly updated, and is an absolute treasure trove of information about styles, manufacturers, anything you could possibly want to know about girdles, corsets etc. The collection itself is occasionally brought out and modelled by Ivy’s friends for what has become an annual calendar, the proceeds of which go to help worthy causes. There’s even a section tucked away on the site for those of us who crossdress, called “The Other Side of Corsetry“.

Oh, and the “Ivy Leaf” name…..that comes from the club that Spirella Corsetieres could join. This site is a must-see! Click on the golden corset to check it out, but be warned – you’ll be there for hours!.

Golden Corset Award 3

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