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Well, the year is drawing to its end. Lots of interesting things have happened. Joanne acquired a name and emerged from the shadows she had spent some 43 years lurking in, had lots of exciting experiences and in the process, made many friends.

2014 will surely bring new adventures. It’s going to be fun.



It’s not often that a film jumps out at me as a “must see”, but being an adoptee, this real-life story certainly falls into that category. And, it has Dame Judi Dench.

As a teenager in the early 1950s, Philomena got pregnant. A problematic situation in itself, but in the Republic of Ireland, a nation where the Catholic Church and Government were as one, girls like Philomena were pariahs. Social outcasts. Philomena was sent off to a convent where she would have her baby, a little boy named Michael. She was allowed to see him for one hour a day. That was until, without warning, he was shipped off to the USA with a little girl who was his best friend.

Philomena never gave up hope that she would find Michael one day. Without giving too much away, she did ultimately fulfil that goal. If you see this film, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You may even rage. If you’re a Catholic, you may well be ashamed to admit it after seeing this.

I mentioned that I’m an adoptee. Some years ago, I met my birth mother, and continued a relationship with her. I believe that doing so brought her some closure on that particular episode of her life. I told her that she had done the right thing. Of course she did, given her circumstances at the time. She passed on Friday, December 27, 2013. She is now at peace.

Joanne Reviews…..The Custom Maid 612 High-Waisted Long Leg Pantie Girdle

I’ve never really been a pantie girdle wearer – that probably comes from my Mother, who wore a conventional open-bottom girdle all her days. However, I decided to give this formidable-looking garment a try.


As can be seen, it certainly justifies it’s “high-waisted” tag! There’s a zip on the left side which pulls up over a hook and eye closure, and unusually (at least in my limited experience of LLPGs), it has six suspenders rather than the usual four.

Getting it on was easy, but one “observation” was that closing the hooks and eyes was difficult because my left boob prevented me from seeing the closure! The full length mirror in my hotel room proved very helpful. I found the thighs a good fit (something I’ve found not to be the case on other LLPGs), and the lace is a very pretty touch. My only criticism would be with regard to sizing – the sizing is, on the face of it, the same as Rago’s, but I found it a bit on the loose side. If I buy another one of these, I’ll go down a size or two.

Overall, this is a good choice if you like “traditional” shapewear but occasionally want to wear something different from an OBG. You can find it, and lots of other goodies, at the link below. Remember, keep your suspenders taut, girls!


It’s been a while……

I hadn’t realised just how long it had been since I had written here! That IS going to change.

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