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Joanne Reviews…..The Custom Maid 612 High-Waisted Long Leg Pantie Girdle

I’ve never really been a pantie girdle wearer – that probably comes from my Mother, who wore a conventional open-bottom girdle all her days. However, I decided to give this formidable-looking garment a try.


As can be seen, it certainly justifies it’s “high-waisted” tag! There’s a zip on the left side which pulls up over a hook and eye closure, and unusually (at least in my limited experience of LLPGs), it has six suspenders rather than the usual four.

Getting it on was easy, but one “observation” was that closing the hooks and eyes was difficult because my left boob prevented me from seeing the closure! The full length mirror in my hotel room proved very helpful. I found the thighs a good fit (something I’ve found not to be the case on other LLPGs), and the lace is a very pretty touch. My only criticism would be with regard to sizing – the sizing is, on the face of it, the same as Rago’s, but I found it a bit on the loose side. If I buy another one of these, I’ll go down a size or two.

Overall, this is a good choice if you like “traditional” shapewear but occasionally want to wear something different from an OBG. You can find it, and lots of other goodies, at the link below. Remember, keep your suspenders taut, girls!


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4 thoughts on “Joanne Reviews…..The Custom Maid 612 High-Waisted Long Leg Pantie Girdle

  1. The Custom Maid 612 Girdle I definitely recommend, the girdle is light and gives needed stomach and back support. I need to wear a girdle every day and I own 10 girdles – the Custom Maid 612 is one of the best. What I love about this girdle is the girdle gives my stomach needed control and support – my posture is 100 percent improved, sitting and standing, I like that I can just rely completely on the girdle to support my posture. If you have never been in a decent girdle try this one, I am sure like me you will agree it is great. I do not just wear this girdle to get dressed up, but I am in this girdle when just relaxing around the house.

    • Thanks for your words! I always welcome constructive input. Your “handle” looks familiar, weren’t you a “regular” on the old “Girdles & More” forum?

      • Yes I was a regular on Girdles and More.

        I have also set up a forum for posting comments concerning girdles and corsets if you check out

        I have also set up a chat room:

        I have over the last few years did quite a lot of research as far as girdles and the health benefits since I was fitted and given very helpful consulting by a professional corsetiere. I was really surprised that wearing a decent firm boned girdle like the Custom Maid 612 everyday really does have some serious health benefits that most people have no idea about – it all has to do with the fact that we as humans stand erect standing erect and with both gravity and time really has a very negative effect on your internal organs and your muscles. Wearing daily a decent girdle will for sure over come this negative effect giving your internal organs and stomach muscles the needed support holding them in their normal natural position. I am positive this is right I have noticed once I went through some girdle training how much better I feel with much more energy and confidence. It is really too bad not enough people just do not know about how beneficial a girdle really is.

      • Just posted on your forum! Glad to see that there is somewhere we can discuss girdles etc.

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