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If you’ve found your way here, you’ve probably already realised that I’m not about to start 2014 with a dissertation about spaghetti sauce. No, gentle reader, I’m talking about something close to my heart, and various other parts of my anatomy: shapewear. And it’s not the kind that gets that name nowadays. either. (Side note: someone once pointed out that a pair of Spanx is like a small hotel in that they both lack ballroom. But, I digress…..)

No, I’m talking about what used to be called corsetry. Foundation garments. Girdles, corselettes, that sort of thing. The sort of thing your mother or indeed, grandmother would have worn. If you watch TV shows like “Mad Men”, “Pan Am” or more recently, “Masters of Sex”, you’ll have seen them. Most of what you see in those shows comes from a company called Rago, and it’s readily available. Here’s a couple of my favourites:


Model 9357 – I own two of these, and have a third (in mocha & black) coming tomorrow. I’m tall, and the issue folks like me usually have with an “all-in-one” style garment is that it doesn’t come down far enough. Not this. Ideally, it should just leave the merest, naughtiest hint of cheeks exposed at the back for those of us who, like me, wear their panties over, and that’s just how it fits me. This is Rago’s firmest open-bottom corselette, but I’ve never found this uncomfortable, even after wearing it all day. And, it looks oh-so-sexy! Of course, there are six suspenders to keep your stockings in place.


Model 1294 – a high-waisted girdle with a hook and eye fastening which then zips up. Again, this is Rago’s firmest “traditional” girdle, but it’s very comfortable and supportive. I usually team this with a longline bra, which I’ll post about separately.

My buying tip for these sort of things is very simple: get a proper measurement, either by doing it yourself or by a professional, and buy your actual size. Don’t be tempted to go a size smaller to get more control – it doesn’t work that way.

If colours are your thing, both Orchard Corset and Girdlebound will dye white garments in any one of a range of colours for $10 when you buy them.

Finally – I recommend following @RagoShapewear on Twitter. They’re always willing to answer questions and are very appreciative of input. Stay sexy, ladies 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Rago

  1. Love the “small hotel” reference. Excellent. Keep rockin’ your Rago shapewear, dear!!

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  3. Just a little update to this: Orchard Corset no longer offer the “custom dye” service, but have detailed instructions on their website for those brave enough to try it themselves!

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