You Can't Do That With People

One Crossdresser's Journey Through Life

The funny side…..

Being like this provides some amusing moments.

Like many of us, I “operate” out of a storage unit. So, on Saturday morning, I headed over there to transform. My unit is upstairs on the second floor of the building, and there was a woman working at the unit next to where I go in. She smiled and said “Good Morning”, and I returned the greeting. An hour later, I left en femme, and although her car was still there, there was no sign of her. Fast forward several hours, and dear Joanne returns. There was the woman, still working away. She smiled and we exchanged pleasantries, but I don’t think she made the connection. After going back to drab (sigh), I left, and on driving around the building, I found that the exit gate was out of order. No problem, as the entrance gate has a keypad on the inside for such situations. As I passed her unit, I saw her there, so put the window down to let her know that the gate wasn’t working. She thanked me, but seemed a little bewildered. Maybe she’s figured it out. As an aside, there were other people there today who saw both versions. They didn’t seem bothered. That makes three of us 🙂

In between all this, as Elisabeth and I left the cafe where we had lunch, I felt that something wasn’t right. I realised that one of my suspenders had come adrift. Stockings wearers will know the feeling. So, I made my way back to my car, and found myself stuck at a red light on Santa Monica Boulevard. An ideal opportunity to reunite stocking and suspender as they are meant to be. So, I discreetly raise the left hand side of my skirt, make the necessary correction and hear a horn to my left followed by a cry of “YOU GO GIRL!“. I look to my left and there’s a truck, somewhat higher than me, with a woman looking out of the passenger side window and giving me two thumbs up! I smiled and returned the gesture. I wonder if she was wearing too….or was she one of us?

Finally…..this one started about a week ago. I dropped three outfits off at my cleaner, one of which is a leopard print jacket with black skirt. I went back in drab to collect them, and as they came round on the carousel, I remarked “There they are”, to which the lady replied, smiling, “I thought that, the leopard print is your colour”. Cue opportunity for fun. I took the hangers back today. Unfortunately, the lady who commented wasn’t there, but the girl who was there has served me before. I wonder if she realised……

I never knew how much fun being this way could be!

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