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Joanne Reviews….The Valmont 2320 Panty

So, I got a Rago 9357 in pink and black. I like….no, HAVE to be colour coordinated underneath, so therein began the search for a light pink panty. I recalled the Valmont name from my extensive collection of old ads on Pinterest, but I had no idea that it still existed until I found this on Her Room. Image

The first thing that struck me was the very smooth feel – Her Room point out that these are nylon, but they don’t feel like it. The lace detail is absolutely lovely, and my size 9 was a good, snug fit without being uncomfortable. I also got lucky with the colour – this light pink was a perfect match to my Rago corselette! Good value for money at $10, too. If matching bras are your thing, you’ll also find them.

Overall, I’d give this panty 11 out of 10 if that was mathematically possible. I’m planning on buying some other colours to match all my Rago pieces!

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