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The Perils of Automatic Toilets

I think my new Mission Statement should be “Blogging about the topics nobody else will”…..

My regular reader will be aware that I’m something of an aficionada of what I call “traditional” shapewear – girdles, that sort of thing. I’ve recently gone over to wearing my panties underneath my shapewear, and the relevance of this will become apparent shortly.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed a lovely lunch and decided to make use of the Ladies’ Powder Room (remember when they were called that?) before moving on. I observed that the pedestal, so to speak, was one of those new-fangled ones with an “electric eye”. Great idea in principle: it registers when you stand up, no germ-laden lever to touch, all those sort of good things. So, in order for me to use it, a certain amount of “dissassembly” of the underpinnings was necessary. The “reassembly” was where the issues arose. Stand up. pull panties back up, pull corselette back down, attach six suspenders back to stockings. You get the idea. Lots of movement involved, each of which set the flush off. I gave up counting after NINE flushes. In the middle of all this, someone else came in. I was expecting to hear a voice asking “Is everything all right in there?”. Not an unreasonable question given the multiple flushes, but it never came. Given California’s well-documented water issues, I felt somewhat guilty about my inadvertent contribution to them.

This is what we call progress……

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2 thoughts on “The Perils of Automatic Toilets

  1. Tyri Hansen on said:

    I get so ticked off ar modern design, which assumes that humans come in only one model, one size, one gender, one date of birth…

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