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Joanne Reviews….Caboost!

Many ladies like me have a disproportionately small rear end, and are never going to win “Rear of the Year“. I happened to stumble across this interesting item at Bubbles Bodywear and decided to give it a try (two pairs for $40).



The idea is simple: basically, what we have here is a pantie with foam sewn into the rear end (some options offer silicone as an alternative). I wore this under my Elila Leopard Lace bottoms (both the brief and the long leg) and found it not only effective, but very comfortable. There is a range of different styles and colours available, including some products for the gentleman who needs a little help in the rear or indeed, up front! I’d certainly recommend anyone in need of a little more “booty” to give these a try!

Joanne Reviews….The Elila Leopard Lace Full-Figure Range

My regular reader will be aware that when it comes to my intimates, colour-coordination is sacrosanct. She (or is it he?) also knows that I’m on record that it’ll take a lot to get me out of my Rago undergarments, so to speak. I’d heard a lot of good things about Elila from my good friend Elisabeth Dale, so when I stumbled across these, I decided to give them a try.

The first thing that impressed me was that they offer both a brief and long leg option to coordinate with the bra. So, I bought all three! I’ll go over the bra first.

This is Style 2211 – the pictures show the “nude” shade, I went with the mocha. It’s functional and supportive for the larger bust (I’m a 44C), yet it’s very pretty for a bra of its size (they do offer up to a 46K). The horizontal stitching on the cups give them a slightly “conical” look like some of the “retro” styles out there. I personally found it very comfortable for all-day wear, and was particularly impressed with the wider straps which stayed exactly where they were supposed to.


Now, you don’t see this in many other reviews! This is mine, viewed from inside. A short “bone” either side keeps the band from rolling, and I liked the extra “liner” around the cups – I didn’t find myself “glistening” at the end of the day.

This is the Style 8205 long leg pantie or “thigh slimmer” as they call it – it’s described as “high waist”, and certainly lives up to the name! I wore this under trousers for most of the day and found it to be very comfortable while giving firm control all round with a little bit of lift in the rear area. I didn’t experience any tendency to “roll” around the waist area, no doubt helped by the two “bones” either side of the tummy panel. It certainly isn’t a “traditional” long leg pantie girdle, but I felt it served its purpose admirably.

I changed into a blouse and skirt for the evening, so I swapped the long leg for the Style 8203 “shaping brief”. I found it to have the same attributes as the long leg in terms of shaping and comfort. Interestingly, the brief reverses the plain and print sections from where they are on the long leg.

Overall, my first experience of Elila was very positive, and I’m finding this collection to be a very worthy addition to my undies selection!

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