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Joanne Reviews….Caboost!

Many ladies like me have a disproportionately small rear end, and are never going to win “Rear of the Year“. I happened to stumble across this interesting item at Bubbles Bodywear and decided to give it a try (two pairs for $40).



The idea is simple: basically, what we have here is a pantie with foam sewn into the rear end (some options offer silicone as an alternative). I wore this under my Elila Leopard Lace bottoms (both the brief and the long leg) and found it not only effective, but very comfortable. There is a range of different styles and colours available, including some products for the gentleman who needs a little help in the rear or indeed, up front! I’d certainly recommend anyone in need of a little more “booty” to give these a try!

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2 thoughts on “Joanne Reviews….Caboost!

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  2. Wow neat product I am going to order a pair. Thank you

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