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Stockings…..or not?

I was inspired to write this by someone I've never met, but with whom I clearly have a great deal of affinity. Christine Ashbeck, who writes about all things vintage (including myself!) at her excellent blog Rations2 Rock 'n' Roll, is currently running a poll on her Twitter asking whether hold-ups (sometimes referred to as thigh-highs or self-supporting stockings) are actually stockings. I indicated that I was on the fence on this one, and would post on the matter.

My regular reader will recall that a few months ago, I wrote about a lovely range of intimates by Elila, and how I particularly liked that the bra had both a matching brief and longleg pantie available. Unfortunately, they don't offer a girdle or suspender belt in this range, so when I changed to the briefs for wear under a skirt, what's a lady who never goes out bare-legged to do? Find a pair of hold-ups in her collection, that's what. They're not something I wear all that often, so I was relieved to find a pair (I've invested in a few more now). So, are they stockings or not? Well, let's set out the case for:

  • They're made of the same materials as stockings
  • They don't have an integral pantie section, so they aren't tights/pantyhose
  • They stop on the thighs

Now, the case against:

  • They don't need suspenders

My conclusion is that they're stockings, albeit a non-traditional form of them. My vote is cast!

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