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Fifty Shades……

Just a quick question to my reader: do you plan to see Fifty Shades Of Grey? Please share why you do…..or why you don’t. I intend to. I think it’s one of those things that you know it’s going to be dire, but you have to watch πŸ˜‰ Just like this….

Another Year Ends….

As 2014 started, I resolved to do two things: blog more, and wear prettier panties. Well, at least I accomplished one of them…..

As with most years, there were high and lows. I made lots of new friends, was interviewed and published (!), and finally came to terms with the fact that this part of me isn’t going away, so I’d better make the most of it!

I also, after much soul-searching, took the decision to leave my long-time employment and take on a fresh challenge. You just have to do that sometimes. Same line of work, different aspect.

In Scottish culture, New Year is traditionally viewed as a time of renewal. A time to put the past behind us and look to the future. It’s not a bad way to look at it. Here’s to 2015!

The Yes/No Question

I’m Scottish. Born and bred. I haven’t really thought about the whole independence thing because I no longer live there. That is, until now.

I’ve watched this whole process from afar. I’ve seen the once-proud BBC turned into a Government propaganda engine that Stalin, Hitler or Mao would have been proud of. I’ve seen religious bigots marching against independence behind a banner emblazoned “No Popery”. I’ve seen the same tired old faces with their snouts in the Westminster trough have their arguments demolished systematically. I’ve seen a senior figure in the Labour Party in Scotland argue that a ‘No’ vote should be the vehicle for abolition of the Scottish Parliament (I’m talking about YOU, Michael Kelly).

But, on the positive side, I’ve seen people energised politically in a manner I’ve never seen before. On both sides. Debate has been robust, but mostly civil. I’ve become convinced that we’re more than capable of running all our own affairs.

Will things be better in an independent Scotland? I don’t know. I can’t see into the future. However, I don’t think we could do any worse than it is now.

Final thought” If we would be “Better Together”, why isn’t it “Better” now?

A Night of Contrasts

Just got in from seeing the lovely Dita Von Teese performing, and I promise to write more about this soon. However, sometimes you need to experience indescribable joy to realise just how shitty the rest of your life is. Goodnight all. Hopefully, it’ll seem better in the morning.

The Perils of Automatic Toilets

I think my new Mission Statement should be “Blogging about the topics nobody else will”…..

My regular reader will be aware that I’m something of an aficionada of what I call “traditional” shapewear – girdles, that sort of thing. I’ve recently gone over to wearing my panties underneath my shapewear, and the relevance of this will become apparent shortly.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed a lovely lunch and decided to make use of the Ladies’ Powder Room (remember when they were called that?) before moving on. I observed that the pedestal, so to speak, was one of those new-fangled ones with an “electric eye”. Great idea in principle: it registers when you stand up, no germ-laden lever to touch, all those sort of good things. So, in order for me to use it, a certain amount of “dissassembly” of the underpinnings was necessary. The “reassembly” was where the issues arose. Stand up. pull panties back up, pull corselette back down, attach six suspenders back to stockings. You get the idea. Lots of movement involved, each of which set the flush off. I gave up counting after NINE flushes. In the middle of all this, someone else came in. I was expecting to hear a voice asking “Is everything all right in there?”. Not an unreasonable question given the multiple flushes, but it never came. Given California’s well-documented water issues, I felt somewhat guilty about my inadvertent contribution to them.

This is what we call progress……

Joanne Reviews….The Valmont 2320 Panty

So, I got a Rago 9357 in pink and black. I like….no, HAVE to be colour coordinated underneath, so therein began the search for a light pink panty. I recalled the Valmont name from my extensive collection of old ads on Pinterest, but I had no idea that it still existed until I found this on Her Room. Image

The first thing that struck me was the very smooth feel – Her Room point out that these are nylon, but they don’t feel like it. The lace detail is absolutely lovely, and my size 9 was a good, snug fit without being uncomfortable. I also got lucky with the colour – this light pink was a perfect match to my Rago corselette! Good value for money at $10, too. If matching bras are your thing, you’ll also find them.

Overall, I’d give this panty 11 out of 10 if that was mathematically possible. I’m planning on buying some other colours to match all my Rago pieces!

An Unconventional Convention

As I always say, it’s been too long since I’ve been on here.

Yesterday and today, I attended DomCon. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s short for Domination Convention, or something like that. It occurs every May in Los Angeles, andΒ  this year, I get to go to all three days. The venue is the Hilton close to Los Angeles International Airport, and it’s interesting to watch the looks on the faces of the “regular” guests as they see the comings and goings……

As you’d expect at something like this, there are numerous vendors selling everything from jewellery to all manner of BDSM equipment. One vendor I spoke with is working on a device which can be converted into an exercise machine “so that the kids don’t know what it is”. You can watch numerous demonstrations, and there are various classes and discussions about all sort of sex-related subjects. I have always enjoyed meeting and talking to interesting people, and there are certainly plenty of them there. I’ll be back tomorrow for the Crossdressers’ Pageant…..

I started off by calling this “An Unconventional Convention”. However, just what is “conventional”? Answers on a large denomination banknote, please πŸ™‚

The funny side…..

Being like this provides some amusing moments.

Like many of us, I “operate” out of a storage unit. So, on Saturday morning, I headed over there to transform. My unit is upstairs on the second floor of the building, and there was a woman working at the unit next to where I go in. She smiled and said “Good Morning”, and I returned the greeting. An hour later, I left en femme, and although her car was still there, there was no sign of her. Fast forward several hours, and dear Joanne returns. There was the woman, still working away. She smiled and we exchanged pleasantries, but I don’t think she made the connection. After going back to drab (sigh), I left, and on driving around the building, I found that the exit gate was out of order. No problem, as the entrance gate has a keypad on the inside for such situations. As I passed her unit, I saw her there, so put the window down to let her know that the gate wasn’t working. She thanked me, but seemed a little bewildered. Maybe she’s figured it out. As an aside, there were other people there today who saw both versions. They didn’t seem bothered. That makes three of us πŸ™‚

In between all this, as Elisabeth and I left the cafe where we had lunch, I felt that something wasn’t right. I realised that one of my suspenders had come adrift. Stockings wearers will know the feeling. So, I made my way back to my car, and found myself stuck at a red light on Santa Monica Boulevard. An ideal opportunity to reunite stocking and suspender as they are meant to be. So, I discreetly raise the left hand side of my skirt, make the necessary correction and hear a horn to my left followed by a cry of “YOU GO GIRL!“. I look to my left and there’s a truck, somewhat higher than me, with a woman looking out of the passenger side window and giving me two thumbs up! I smiled and returned the gesture. I wonder if she was wearing too….or was she one of us?

Finally…..this one started about a week ago. I dropped three outfits off at my cleaner, one of which is a leopard print jacket with black skirt. I went back in drab to collect them, and as they came round on the carousel, I remarked “There they are”, to which the lady replied, smiling, “I thought that, the leopard print is your colour”. Cue opportunity for fun. I took the hangers back today. Unfortunately, the lady who commented wasn’t there, but the girl who was there has served me before. I wonder if she realised……

I never knew how much fun being this way could be!

A packed weekend….and Monday too!

Oh, where to begin….

On Saturday, I travelled to West Hollywood to lunch with the charming and, dare I say it, sassy Elisabeth Dale of The Breast Life. This momentous event was, of course, preceded by a manicure πŸ™‚

Those of you who have been reading from the very beginning will recall me waxing lyrical about Elisabeth and her writings some time ago. Elisabeth is working on a piece related to crossdressing, so who better to pick the brains of than a CD? Two hours of chat flew by all too quickly, and we’ll be continuing to exchange thoughts as time goes on. I think I’ve made a new friend! A trip to Macy’s on the way back yielded two pairs of earrings, one of which is, bizarrely, a perfect match for a bracelet I bought at Kohl’s a month ago!

Today provided an appointment with my therapist, the lovely Dr. Judy, whom I almost caused to have a heart attack the first time she saw me en femme! We haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I think our relationship has developed since she met Joanne. I look forward to it continuing. Even though I’m not “ill” and as such, can’t be “cured”, it’s good to have someone to share experiences with. Seeing a clinical psychologist occasionally can be helpful for some of us.

There’s also been some funny experiences this weekend, which I’ll share shortly…..

One Year On….

So, here we are. January 25th, 2014. One year ago today, I ventured out for the first time. I crossed my personal “Bridge of Spies”, as it were. This is what I believe. This is a part of me.

Thanks, Carol and Ronnie.

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